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Clear the Track, Chapter Four
Chapter 4: Tweed Hill
    Angel had just reached the caboose when she heard Lady's call for the brakes. With a sigh of discontent at having just reached the very tail of the train and being called back, she swung around and grabbed the nearest brake-wheel and gave it a good hard tug. As the blonde pomeranian worked her way up the train, she could feel the cars shudder as the brake shoes clamped hard and slowly began to draw down the speed of the train. Looking down the string of bucking and rocking boxcars, she could see they were on the steepest part of the downgrade. She swung herself from train car to train car, curly tail wagging in the wind. Gritting her teeth she twisted each wheel until the brakes screeched from the car wheels.
    Slowly the train started to draw to a stop. As the distance closed, Lady leaned out the cab window to clearly see that the figure with the flag was that of a badger. Between Angel and Lady's efforts,
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Clear the Track Chapter Three
Chapter 3: Curtis Switch To Tweed Hill
    Alighting from the caboose, Scamp walked up to the locomotive and stood outside on the ground, craning his neck to see Tramp and Lady poised in the cab. Angel was already running to the nearby tower to receive their switching instructions. “I'll admit it, It's a wonder something didn't fly off when we hit that last grade. I didn't know mom had it in her to drive that hard,” he smirked.
    Lady wrinkled her muzzle and gave her son a hard glare.
    "Your mother knows how to handle a locomotive and handle her well," Tramp laughed, slipping an arm around his mate's shoulders. "Although I will admit had I not been so busy hanging onto the boiler when I oiled the cups, I would have joined the birds and flew from the gangway on that one bend."
    “One crack like that, and you will wish you would have jumped,” Lady rolled herself out from under his arm, and c
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Main Street by Eddie-Sand Main Street :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 25 1 Grizzly Flats, Georgia by Eddie-Sand Grizzly Flats, Georgia :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 11 0 The 1:22 Accommodation by Eddie-Sand The 1:22 Accommodation :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 22 3
Clear the Track Chapter Two
Chapter 2: The Horse And Cart
    The Western & Atlantic Railroad worked twenty-four hours seven days a week. The iron rails of the yard looked black and sleek in the early morning light with their harsh patterns made all the more visible by a fine dusting of dew. The switch lamps glowed red and green, looking like baubles that had fallen from a Christmas tree. Even though spring had finally come to the hills and dales of the blue ridges, the morning air had a sharp bite. Standing in the yard minus a locomotive and caboose, the Horse and Cart waited. A yard locomotive, an old demoted "goat" of Civil War ancestry, busily clawed at the way-fraight's end, taking some cars off and adding others, her wheels screeching on the wet rails. Boxcars all locked up tight, oil-cars, and hay-cars, and potato-cars with stovepipe-ends sticking out in the middle; ventilated fruit- and milk-cars; flatcars with truck-wagons full of market-stuff; flatcars loaded with reaper
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The Junction by Eddie-Sand The Junction :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 17 2
Clear the Track Chapter One

Chapter 1: The Shadowman

March 1892
The cocker spaniel's ears picked up at the quick succession of knocks that came from the front of the Victorian styled home, which was followed by a very audible call. Pushing one of her ears out from in-front of her face she slowly raised her head from the pillows, her heavy eyelids beginning to open ever so slightly to determine if it was still night. Her mate, a gray motley looking fellow, lay with his head snuggled into her shoulders, his chest slowly rising and falling in the early stages of sleep as he snuggled up to his beloved mate. It was early in the morning, and the great house was silent and motionless outside from the soft ticking of a grandfather clock positioned in the hallway. At first, she felt the urge to just lay her head back into the comfort of the pillows and write the knocking off as a product of the cold wind that seemed to bluster against the warm home, but when the young voice of th
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The General by Eddie-Sand The General :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 27 2 Steam, Steel, And Sparks by Eddie-Sand Steam, Steel, And Sparks :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 33 8 The Dear Family by Eddie-Sand The Dear Family :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 22 3 Fall Skies At Grizzly Flats by Eddie-Sand Fall Skies At Grizzly Flats :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 9 0 The Bridge by Eddie-Sand The Bridge :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 15 2 Point of View by Eddie-Sand Point of View :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 8 6 Building Steam by Eddie-Sand Building Steam :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 12 0 The Horse and Cart 2017 by Eddie-Sand The Horse and Cart 2017 :iconeddie-sand:Eddie-Sand 10 0


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The hanging of Mrs. Druze :iconhelenedesarbres:Helenedesarbres 86 17
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Wolf492 Featured By Owner May 20, 2018
No problem.  If you want to see some of my furry characters let me know and I can send you the links.  
Eddie-Sand Featured By Owner May 19, 2018
Thank you! Much obliged. :)
Wolf492 Featured By Owner May 14, 2018
You’re gallery is pretty cool.  
buildum Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  New Deviant
Thank you Eddie-Sand. Happy you enjoyed the 4-10-0. This is # 7 locomotive built over the last few years and these include; 2-6-6t #291 Mason, 4-2-4 C. P. Huntington, 4-4-0 Rail Insp. #999, 2-10-0 # 90 Great Western and finally #200 D & SL 2-6-6-0. A lot of work but so rewarding and fun. I used the open frame motor, but did look at a small Sagami and other can motors. To make a smooth running locomotive I needed to build a secondary gear box and then couple with a motor. Still working on that idea. When I scaled the few pictures of the prototype and scratch built models others have done, I had to modify the open frame to make it all fit in the boiler. When you compare this model to the prototype you will see a few areas that are not quite to scale or proportioned but I got as close as I could. Hope you 4-8-0 goes well and would love to see it. 
    RyanBrony765 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2018
    Thank you for the watch.
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